• Golteum is a blockchain-based platform that enables the tokenization of gold and other precious metals.
• By tokenizing precious metals, these assets can be divided into smaller, easily tradable units, opening up opportunities for a broader range of investors.
• The representative at Golteum explains how their platform innovatively combines the benefits of precious metals and cryptocurrency trading into one interface.

On-Chain Gold: What is it?

Precious metals such as gold and silver have long been considered safe havens for investors, representing a reliable store of value in times of economic uncertainty. Thanks to blockchain technology, these assets can now be securely tokenized, meaning they can be divided into smaller, more easily traded units – allowing for greater access to these markets for a broader range of investors.

The Benefits of Tokenization

Tokenized versions of gold and other precious metals open up new opportunities for investors. These include higher liquidity, increased accessibility, greater transparency and the potential to generate additional yield on investments. Through integrations with the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, Golteum’s platform enables investors to explore more options with their tokenized metals using its user-friendly interface.

Golteum Platform Overview

Golteum is a blockchain-based platform dedicated to remodeling traditional investment models around precious metals by providing users with easy access to these markets via their user-friendly interface. Using Golteum’s decentralized infrastructure, individuals are able to take advantage of the benefits associated with both physical gold/silver investments as well as those associated with cryptocurrency trading – all within one platform.

Why Choose Tokenized Gold?

The main advantages offered by investing in tokenized gold/silver include: increased liquidity; improved accessibility; better transparency; and potentially higher yields through integration with DeFi platforms like Ethos or Compound Finance’s wealth management services. Furthermore, due to its decentralized nature, blockchain technology also makes investments in this asset class secure and more resilient against market volatility than traditional physical investments in precious metal bars or coins.


Gold has traditionally been considered an important haven asset during periods of economic instability – however physically obtaining it can involve logistical challenges and high costs. Thanks to blockchain technology though this is no longer an issue – thanks platforms like Golteum which enable secure tokenization of gold/silver tokens enabling them to be broken down into smaller units that are easier to trade while still retaining all the benefits associated with physical investments in this asset class.

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