• Solana has launched a new dashboard to track blockchain carbon emissions.
• The tracker uses on-chain data to measure energy consumption and carbon footprint in real time.
• This move is intended to improve transparency and set a new standard for the industry.

Solana Launches Carbon Emissions Dashboard

Solana has launched a dashboard to track its blockchain carbon emissions in real time. The tracker will use on-chain data to measure energy consumption, carbon footprint, and network power intensity. This will offer more accurate measurements than previous estimates and make this information available to everyone in real time.

Set New Industry Standard for Transparency

The Solana Foundation hopes that this move will set a “new standard” of transparency for the crypto industry, which has been facing PR problems due to high carbon emissions from blockchains. The data from the tracker is free and open for anyone to access and scrutinize down to the validator level. The foundation also welcomes other ecosystem players inside or outside of the Solana community who are interested in measuring their own emissions better.

Ethereum Moves To Proof Of Stake

As Ethereum moves towards proof of stake consensus mechanism, it’s energy use has dropped dramatically compared to other blockchains – including Solana which boasts lower energy use but is more centralized than most networks.

Preempting Criticism On Carbon Footprint

This new tool is aimed at preempting any criticism that may arise over blockchain’s environmental impact as usage continues to grow by providing transparent metrics on all emissions produced by its network .

Latest Developments With Binance & Helium

In addition, Binance recently completed its migration with Helium which was approved by users who were relieved at the news. This marks an important step forward for decentralized networks in general – making them more efficient and secure with less environmental impact than ever before.

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