• Rocket Pool, a liquid staking protocol, has deployed on zkSync Era.
• Users can now use rETH token for cheaper on this network and deploy it on other DeFi platforms.
• Ethereum projects moving to Layer-2 scaling projects is a positive sign for the industry.

Rocket Pool Deploys on zkSync Era

Rocket Pool, one of the oldest Ethereum liquid staking protocols, has just announced its deployment on zkSync Era. zkSync Era is an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution that uses zero-knowledge proofs to increase throughput and lower transaction fees. Rocket Pool is the first liquid staking project to deploy on zkSync Era which went live on Ethereum mainnet in March.

What Does This Mean?

Users can now use rETH token for cheaper transactions and deploy it on other decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms such as Arbitrum and Optimism. With this deployment, Rocket Pool is the second-largest Ethereum liquid staking protocol behind Lido with 687,456 ETH being currently staked with the project. Furthermore, having established Ethereum projects move to newly launched but promising Layer-2 scaling projects like zkSync Era is a welcoming sign for the industry’s growth and development in terms of increased throughput and decreased costs while preserving security of blockchain networks like Ethereum.

zkSync Is Still in Beta

Despite its promise as an effective scaling solution, zkSync still remains in beta stage at present and considered centralized due to lack of full decentralization yet achieved by its developers at this point in time.


The deployment of Rocket Pool onto zkSyncs layer two era marks a huge milestone both for Rocket pool itself as well as for Etheruem’s scalability ambitions overall. It could potentially act as a catalyst that further encourages more protocols to migrate onto layer two solutions over time; helping reduce fees incurred by users while also increasing overall efficiency across the entire network itself!

Other Relevant News

In addition to this news about Rocket Pool deploying onto layer two technology, there have been some other interesting developments recently regarding Etheruem related products such as an OG ETH wallet suddenly waking up or Optimism unlocking millions of OP tokens – all of which could have major implications for how we interact with cryptocurrency in general going forward!

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