The company is one of the world’s leading money managers and money security companies.

Founded in 1976, Prosegur is one of the world’s leading security companies. With an important move last Wednesday (18), Prosegur announced that it will take custody of Bitcoin.

Not only Bitcoin Profit will be able to be guarded by Prosegur, but other cryptomoedas as well. Based in Spain, Prosegur is a reference in the security sector and has activities in several countries, including Brazil.

Its specialty until then was the protection of fiduciary and mainly physical coins. However, the company inaugurated Prosegur Crypto, launching a novelty for companies.

The director president of the innovation will be Raimundo Castilla, carrying the mission of protecting the cryptomoedas of its clients. This, however, was not the first time that Prosegur has faced Bitcoin in its history.

Prosegur will do the custody of Bitcoin for companies interested in digital currency

Participants in the institutional market are increasingly interested in cryptomoedas in 2020. With this in mind, Prosegur has already rushed to launch a custody service for several cryptomaps.

Called Prosegur Crypto, the tool was launched last Wednesday at the company’s headquarters in Madrid. The company stated that the service will be important for institutional investors.

„The service is aimed at institutional customers who manage or invest in digital assets and require maximum security custody resources. Thus, Prosegur Crypto will offer its customers the possibility to store cryptomote or any other digital asset and manage it through a mobile application in a totally secure way“, stated Prosegur in a press release

In addition, Prosegur Crypto will store the private keys of the cryptomites in a military level structure. The keys will be without internet access, with encryption protection, among others.

The company guarantees that its solution will be useful for companies that purchase Bitcoin, but do not have safe places to store them. Prosegur Crypto’s CEO, Raimundo Castilla, commented that the initiative meets a growing market demand.

„Our platform meets a real and urgent need that exists in the market today. With this unique proposal, we offer a comprehensive and reliable custody solution with the level of protection and demand required by companies and institutions,“ said Castilla.

Prosegur then becomes the first security company to take custody of cryptomorphs. Besides Bitcoin, Prosegur will guard Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, Litecoin and Maker, among others. The company stated that any cryptomoeda will be able to be custodial in this structure.
The company was the target of a hacker attack that requested Bitcoin about a year ago

This is not the first time Prosegur has dealt with Bitcoin in its history. About a year ago, as announced by Livecoins, Prosegur was attacked by a ransomware that asked for Bitcoin as payment for the ransom.

At the time of the attack only the Prosegur headquarters in Madrid was attacked. The ransomware that infected the company was Ryuk, one of the most dangerous in the world.

After a few days, Prosegur’s digital security team restored the services. One year after that fateful incident, at last Prosegur innovates by making the custody of Bitcoin for its clients.

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