Never Miss a Crypto Event Again

Coinmarketcal offers valuable information about cryptocurrency-related events for the market. The concept was born because of the desire to provide a centralized space. Investors could access important information about the growing cryptocurrency market. Today, the platform provides an a wide array of options. The services allow investors to look for catalysts that could be a potential threat to the entire market.

History of the Coinmarketcal

Coinmarketcal was launched in 2017 and was the first location to search for all cryptocurrency-related events. In the year 2017 the market was experiencing an impressive bull run. Furthermore that introduction of standardization for tokens has increased the quantity of coins available significantly.

Unfortunately, investors were not able to take advantage on a lot of these airdrops and launches. It’s because they hadn’t had any idea about these events in the first place. This led to the realization at an early stage that the crypto market needed some sort or calendar. This feature will keep people informed.

The first version of the platforms was single-corporate or personal businesses. In this way, they were lacking information and verification systems. This led to the majority centralized operations being shut down in just a few months. To address this issue the team behind the Coinmarketcal platform came up with an alternative that was decentralized to address the issue.

Coinmarketcal Inner-Workings

Coinmarketcal is the answer to this issue by adding blockchain technology to the equation. The platform allows users to add cryptocurrency-related events directly onto an open calendar for free. This solves the primary issue that plagued previous platforms, that was the lack of information. We prepared this Bitcoin Motion review to help you fully understand the bot’s operations, pros and cons, assets offered, applicable fees, and security.

The cryptocurrency market is now so vast that one person can never be able to keep track of its entire size. The ability for the users as well as projects to publish their data will ensure that you are always aware of new events appearing on the calendar every day.


Coinmarketcal introduces new methods to verify data in order to fix the other issue that plagues early calendars: incorrect or fake data. In order to ensure only the correct information makes it onto the calendar of events, Coinmarketcal introduces a community voting system. Every event goes through the process of verifying votes that removes events that cannot be verified. This simple , yet efficient method of confirming the accuracy of data is the reason that makes Coinmarketcal more reliable than the previous versions.

Earn for Events

Anyone can create events on Coinmarketcal and get tips. All you have to do is add your BTC address on your event calendar to be qualified to receive tips. However, this incentive system isn’t the primary reason users use BTC. Its main draw is its data is up-to-date and accurate.

Coinmarketcal Bot

Users can stay on top of all the latest developments in crypto with this Coinmarketcal bot. The bot will post news on Twitter when they are approved and allows investors to stay ahead of the latest trends. Bots also allow you to stay current with market trends. Their information is displayed into your timeline. You can also visit the bots page to browse the most recent events.

Coinmarketcal API

Dapp developers also have the ability to use Coinmarketcal data by using the API of the network. This secure protocol offers an efficient method for applications to connect and transmit information to the calendar of events. Furthermore this API offers a powerful instrument to developers who want to add an extra level of value to their Dapps.

Mobile App

Another interesting feature of the platform is its mobile application. Market updates are delivered direct to Apple as well as Android devices by downloading this free application that is downloaded and used. It is also possible to can set the Dapp to push out notifications. So, you will never be able to miss an important market change.

Coinmarketcal Features

If you log on to Coinmarketcal it is evident that the website has a variety of navigation options. The homepage is equipped with an option to search that allows you to sort the projects in accordance with their technical features and dates. It also lets you sort projects based on top performers, exchanges DeFi platforms, as well as keywords.


Coinmarketcal is a resource that is free to use that will dramatically improve your understanding of the market. The platform provides up-to the minute blockchain event information to the entire crypto community. Anyone around the world can access this information and incorporate it into their apps.

NFT Alerts

In the last few days, Coinmarketcap added support for the NFT community. It has all the most recent NFT releases and details. There’s even an NFT current widget that is located on the homepage , which lists the latest opinions and votes.


The important widget highlights projects that could influence a particular token or entire market. There, you can see information on mainnet or exchange listing launches. A significant increase in the value of tokens generally occur following these events.


The Hot widget offers information on the upcoming summits and events. This information is vital for startups looking to put their networks in the front of market. It is also possible to check the results of votes in the box.

Coins with potential

The Coin With Potential Widget lists projects with an abundance of market momentum. The widget can nominate projects based on various reasons. The reasons could be the upcoming projects, as well as a myriad of others.

events, listings, and updates.


There are a variety of methods Coinmarketcal allows investors to remain connected. One of the best methods to keep track of the market is via alerts. You can establish the alerts you receive based on your investment plan.

News Letter

The Coinmarketcal newsletter provides more value for the marketplace. This publication offers more insight into projects that interest you and other market developments. In addition, the newsletter permits Coinmarketcal to directly communicate with the users in a more intimate voice.

It’s clear the reason Coinmarketcal continues to grow in usage in the industry. Investors are eager to implement new and more effective methods of monitoring the market. Additionally the combination of the most current information, verification policies and additional features will make Coinmarketcal into the best option for those looking to buy. Because of this, you can anticipate Coinmarketcal to remain an important source in the cryptocurrency market for many years to come.